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Underlying much of our behavior is what is called a belief system.  This system within us filters what we see and hear, affecting how we behave in our daily lives.  There are many other elements that affect our lives, including past lives and the core issues we come into this life for resolution, but our belief systems in this life have a major effect on what we think and do.

Q: What is the Google workplace like compared to other companies'? A: Compared to every other place I had worked, it was pretty wonderful. We had free meals every day that were as good as any served by the finest local restaurants, great workout facilities, massage therapists and doctors on staff, and an annual ski trip for all employees. On the other hand, the stress and demands were constant and intense. I went through a couple of weeks at the Mercury News during a newspaper circulation war that really challenged me. At Google, it was like that every day for my five years at the company. We were expected to be available every hour of every day and lots of key decisions were made after midnight. If I wasn’t there for the discussion, the decision was made without my input.

Various I'm Feeling MyselfVarious I'm Feeling MyselfVarious I'm Feeling MyselfVarious I'm Feeling Myself